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the team

Our baristas are happy & smiley, they speak with self confidence and passion. They are uncompromising on quality yet make sure the experience keeps an element of intrigue and fun.

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CEO and founder


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Federico started Court of Miracles in August 2020.

His favourite coffee is espresso.


Because I like to find the complexity of the material used and the attention to details of the person who serves it.

What inspired you to open Court of Miracles?

I’ve got inspired by the fact that I was always trying to be the right one at any given time and I was always rejected or put aside to let room to some other better fitting person, so I created my own environment where everyone with charisma and love could fit it.

His life motto: 

Don’t wait for it to develop, make it happen when you want it to happen

Aleksandra joined Court of Miracles in October 2020.

Her favourite coffee is Long black.

What inspires her about Court of Miracles:

I love the fact that this place gives me an opportunity to grow in many different areas of life. Interacting with multitude of customers opened my eyes to the variety of people in the world.I belive that 'the way you do anything is the way you do everything' so I'm really embracing the attention to details at Court of Miracles.

+ I like the concept for which the company stands for.

Her life motto:

Your biggest obstacle in life is your own limiting beliefs

Natalia joined Court of Miracles in October 2021.

Her favourite coffee is Macchiato.

What inspires her about Court of Miracles:

It's a place where my coffee journey began. Each act of kindness in this fairly small space makes the whole experiance of working there very satisfying and pleasant, especially for growing barista skills. How the place filled with so many colourful energies cannot be inspiring? 

Her life motto: 
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like” Lao Tzu

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Head barista


Henry joined Court of Miracles in December 2020.

His favourite coffee is Latte.


What inspires him about Court of Miracles:

I’m grateful my life has merged with the idea of court of miracles, I feel Very lucky to work along side some amazing people that want me to grow and develop. 
As a coffee professional I couldn’t be happier getting to learn and sharpen the skills and reasons we get up in the morning, and i get to play with the best coffee I’ve ever had, hands down. 

His life motto: 

Be patient, be kind. Be someone who you can count on yourself

Olivia joined Court of MIracles in October 2021.

Her favourite coffee is Cappuccino.

What inspires her about Court of Miracles:

I appreciate what it has taught me about coffee, I didn’t realise it was such an art form until now, and I am grateful that I have learnt skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise know, but to have learnt these around with such an amazing team has been the cherry on top! Also, being able to find out more about the community and it’s people has been really lovely since I live in the area myself. 

Her life motto:

“If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”


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